Fast fashion. The new single-use plastic?

Fast fashion. The new single-use plastic?

Every second, the equivalent of one bin lorry of textiles is either burned or dumped into landfilled. It’s not really a surprise when the average person is buying 60% more items of clothing than they did 15 years ago. And within those 15 years, clothing production has doubled.

Fast fashion is all about buying in the moment. Buying items of clothing that are low priced and on-trend. To only be abandoned or even discarded once that fashion trend has passed. The harsh reality is that keeping up with the latest trends is not only costing you money. It’s costing the environment 

The harmfulness of single-use plastic and microplastics is everywhere. The world is steering towards a plastic-free approach. Blue Planet, campaigns to save our oceans, Green Peace etc.. But have we ever really thought about how much damage our clothes are doing to the ocean?

A single item of clothing can shed around 1,900 fibres every single wash. And where do these fibres end up? In our waterways all over the world…. Add this all up, that is half a million tonnes of microfibre being dumped in the ocean every year. To put that into perspective, that is the equivalent to 340 million pairs of jeans. Or 240,000 Tesla's. Pretty shocking, right?

This is the exact driving force behind why altid was created. We want to provide consumers with staple garments that will be more durable than fast fashion. Offering timeless sustainable fashion that is low in carbon, high in quality and easy to buy. Fashion that doesn’t come at a cost of damaging our planet. And ultimately, we want to encourage wider industry and consumer change whilst education our wearers into more sustainable fashion habits.