The altid low-down on sustainable fashion.

The altid low-down on sustainable fashion.

Think sustainable fashion. You probably think organic cotton. But it is so much more than where the fabrics are sourced. Sustainable fashion is about the industry as a system. From the initial design, to the manufacturing, to the transportation, to the use, to the afterlife and all the stages in between (and there are a lot of stages in between).

Can fashion ever be sustainable? Well…..this is this reason why altid was born. We want to be part of the cult that is driving the fashion industry to become more and more sustainable. Afterall, it is the world’s third-largest manufacturing sector after the automobile and technology industries. It’s about time the world of fashion changes their ways and starts to make a difference. Don’t you agree?

Generally speaking, fashion is a water-guzzling, carbon-hungry, environment-damaging industry. Sounds harsh, but this is the reality. ‘Fast fashion’, to be specific, is the main culprit. But fast fashion is a whole other story…

There are so many brands out there that are focusing purely on sustainable fashion. There are fashion powerhouses that are slowly incorporating more sustainable strategies into their business plans - introducing more ethical materials, encouraging recycling for example. The fashion industry is becoming more and more educated about its environmental impact. It is becoming more conscious about its carbon footprints. And thankfully, consumers are also becoming more and more aware about where their clothes come from and how they are produced.

As a carbon-neutral brand, altid is all about being sustainable, in every stage of the fashion lifecycle. We want to reduce our impact on our planet whilst educating our wearers to adopt more sustainable fashion habits.

Any carbon used in the production of altid garments will be offset. And our ultimate aim is to become a zero-carbon fashion brand.