The dreaded C word

The dreaded C word

COVID-19 has affected almost every industry in every way. For good and for worse. Life will be different for everyone at the end of it.


How has it affected the fashion industry? Unfortunately, this global health crisis has probably been the make or break for many businesses.


Sadly, the already dying highstreets are now at greater risk than ever before. Stores closed across the world. Towns and cities became ghost towns. However, once they reopened, people were queuing down the streets to get their much-needed fix of retail therapy. There is hope that this pandemic will revive the highstreets.


Whether we have been furloughed or working full-time from home, with no bars and restaurants readily available to willingly take our cash, where else to turn than to the internet? Online shopping boomed. Delivery drivers were delivering across the country like there was no tomorrow. Will this continue?


Brands were put under immense pressure. Suppliers stopped supplying. Production came to a halt. Brands struggled to satisfy the high levels of online demand. However, millions of pounds were raised and donated to various charities as a result of the increased number of sales – killing two birds with one stone – supporting the economy when other industries were helpless, and financially supporting our front-line workers and the NHS.


From fashion shows being cancelled and fashion weeks being digitalised, the fashion industry was affected in more ways than you think.


All of the above said, one thing is certain, since lockdown began last year across the world, we saw massive improvements in our air quality. Hopefully, this pandemic is what it takes for the world to reassess its impact on the world and try keep the levels down.